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The UCU, innovation hub is tucked at the UCU’s Constituent college Premises in Mbale. The Campus commands a beautiful panoramic view of the town's greatest and most conspicuous landmark: the Wanale Hill.  An outstanding feature that has always given Mbale its unique look. 

It is in this town that almost every company and organization of big repute has its eastern region headquarters- and it is at the heart of this town that the university College seats playing host to the UCU Innovation Hub.

Within the walls of this newly constructed hub, a thriving tech, and entrepreneurial ecosystem is taking shape. Its main objective is to support tech enthusiast and entrepreneurs in the social, business, cultural, health, and the automation domain


Unlike the majority of the Hubs in the country whose cradle is in the central region. The UCU innovation hub is among the few existing outside the central region. It operates within the framework of Mbale University College. It seeks to support among others: tech and entrepreneurial enthusiasts who may be handicapped logistically when it comes to costs associated with living in the central region.  

The innovation hub creates a platform for students and the community, that promotes creativity provides mentorship innovators and entrepreneurs and helps transform their ideas into final products that can find a place in the market. The Innovation hub seeks to identify and nurture emerging technologies and accelerate their migration from the laboratory to the marketplace; increase connectivity between the University and global entrepreneurial communities to build global venture investment opportunities; and, provide entrepreneurially learning and mentoring initiatives.

Innovation Incubation and collaboration are the overall objective and the tagline and overall purpose of the innovation hub at Mbale University College.

The litmus test for the UCU innovations Hub came when it organized an innovations expo which was the regions first gathering of, innovative and ambitious students from around the country and beyond who shared interests in Technology, Entrepreneurship, Business, and Art. The Expo whose theme The future of higher education in Uganda: the growing influence of digital technologies and emerging media” saw institutions and schools coming from as far Jinja, Soroti and one entrant from Tech The University of Kenya. The judges had included a team from Innovations village Kampala a critically acclaimed innovations house.

From the Expo, a new crop new entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts emerged as they helped shape a new understanding of this part of the country and its potential of being the regions “Silicon Valley”. Already the Innovations  Village is in talks with the teams that performed well during the expo for a possibility in further product development funding and market linkages.

The Hub also in partnership with the Innovations Village successfully hosted the first boost with Facebook symposium that brought together the business community, entrepreneurs’ and developers in the region.

Already plans are underway to start an entrepreneurship class facilitated by the leading business persons in the region.

In the words of the Principal Mrs. Mary Manana “We are simply as an institution painting images of the future and helping our students and communities write their own stories the tech and entrepreneurial way”  These images will present a better future, one in which this part of the country is slowly and steadily creating its own silicon Savannah.

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