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Principal's communications the 20th Graduation Part 5

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Principal's communications the 20th Graduation Part 5

On behalf of Uganda Christian University Mbale University College family, I welcome you to this graduation

I in a very special way welcome the governor west Pokot County, Prof. John crop lonyangapo governor West Pokot county in Kenya. A Prof of statistics and mathematics. His story is one of faith and endurance having been born from the most marginalized of community in west Pokot. He rose to lead that county as a governor. He will grace this occasion today.    His life and works teaches us all that God is indeed faithful

Mr Chancellor Sir: I have known few greater privileges than the opportunity to address our students as they graduate and march into the world. These grounds have seen many extraordinary moments in our History. It has been here that we held the first-ever innovations Expo in the region , It is also on these grounds that our sports teams train and compete at country and international  level ,It was here that I was commissioned as the new Principal Uganda Christian University ,Mbale University College and  It is here that we  are  witnessing majority of our students graduate ,

Ladies and gentlemen: It is on these grounds the Chancellor will confer on over 350 students Post Graduate Degrees, Bachelor’s Degree, Diplomas and Certificates. It will be for the very last time that he does this, after which he will go into retirement.

Mr. Chancellor Sir, We are grateful that we share with you these final moments. We honour you through this graduation, and we believe that: when history is written, it will be the unity of the church, the infrastructure, inauguration of three new dioceses and the growth of Uganda Christian University that has enabled thousands of people to attain quality education has been your greatest legacy.

Today we display the finest academic minds not just in the region but the country and the world at large. Every year reports from the research show that indeed Uganda Christian University continuous to experience tremendous growth. It is our alumni that grace with unmatched professionalism and character the top offices in the land.

Mr Chancellor Sir: We honour you and you leave behind a great example: We celebrate a man that has been both a servant and a leader. You leave behind a better University and a stronger church. We  Believe that progress means that we provide more opportunities to all and leave a better world than the one we inherited.  Thank you so much.

Mr Chancellor Sir: The university vision “To be a Centre of Excellence in the Heart of Africa” is our great gift to all who walk through our gates to drink from the fountain of knowledge. We understand that education is only meaningful if it creates a graduate who has character and is professional. More so we believe in education responding to the needs of the society and finding solution its problems. The need to carry out meaningful research and be a Centre for new ideas we believe, has enriched the University Education rather than threaten it.

In a special, want to extend my indebtedness to the Vice-chancellor Rev. Can. Dr John Senyonyi. You have taught us that there is a place in this world for true friendship, faith and excellence.  You enriched the university with your unique perspective to education..

These are the things that I think of when I consider your leadership as the Vice-chancellor of the University. The lessons you have continued to teach us not by orders but by example: That we are accountable to God and responsible for each other. It has been said that great leaders are Understanding, think outside the box, good listeners, committed, good coaches and excellent communicators. I can't think of better ways to describe you.

Mr Chancellor Sir. Today we present to you ……. Graduands among these 10 of our very best will have an opportunity to work with Equity bank under the apprenticeship programme that aims among others to offer hands-on experience to fresh graduates in the highly dynamic and sophisticated banking sector. In my last graduation speech, I implored the industry to collaborate with the university college. This collaboration is a testament to our focus as a university on greater industry interaction and collaboration. I am grateful to The Management Equity Bank for the opportunity they have given our graduands and look forward to, greater and more  partnerships with you. I also thank Diamond trust bank and ICEA Life assurance for having been part of the sponsors of the innovations Expo.

I thank the various industry partners that are working with us to set high standards and enable Uganda Christian University to consolidate its position as a continental hub for Excellence. As a University College, we are focusing more on collaborations with the industry to enrich our curricula and respond to the market needs.  We have in addition continued to deliberately support the integration of technology with learning in order to increase to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Towards this end, we have completed the construction of an Innovations Hub. This will be a place of discovery and creation of reality. We greatly feel that:  as university college that University Education is only relevant in as far as it can encourage research, spur innovation and raise a generation of men and women that will solve societies most pressing problems.  This Hub is our own version of the Silicon Valley: A place of small beginnings’ and big ends. Again, I ask you seated here to partner with the University in this noble venture.

 To the graduands seated here today, often it has been said that time changes situations and conditions. That is a misnomer; Time changes no situation, It is Men and women who rise in unison bearing one vision and purpose to change the future within a certain time limit. There is no such thing as sitting back and hoping that things will change. Move into the world and the changes that you desire to see.

Every generation has had its challenges, there is one that fought for women’s rights to education and equal treatment at workplaces, another sought to find a cure to some of the worst diseases of their time. Your generation has to respond to the call of job creation and innovation. I encourage you to dream of that business idea,  develop it and provide employment to your peers.  That’s what the Bible beckons us to do when it calls us to be “The salt of the World”

Let not your saltiness be lost in regrets, lamentations and laziness but rather use your industry, ingenuity and energy for the greater good. Let your aspirations be greater than your perceived limitations, be kind to everyone you meet in life regardless of their status. If you are in a better position hold the hand of the person on the other side of the road and help him/her to be a better person. Above all let your faith in God never waiver even in moments of hard trials. 


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