“The impact on our graduates and alumni has been palpable. Legal and business professionals confirm that our law graduates are recognized and appreciated for their commitment to moral integrity. The reputation of our graduates helps them in the marketplace as employers are looking for employees that will ‘act justly, love mercy and walk humble with your God’ (Micah 6:8). Such graduates are just not employable. They are also crucial to the development of Uganda.”

Mr. Brian Dennison, Interim Manager (IFLS)

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Seven core commitments make the college stand out. The commitment to quality; commitment to innovation; commitment to service; commitment to scholarship; commitment to student excellence; commitment to Christian integrity and Ethical development; and commitment to collaboration.

Commitment to Quality

The College is dedicated to quality; it strives to keep its curriculum up to date and its library well stocked with relevant up to date study literature. New courses that mirror current global trends, are occasionally added into the  curriculum. This is done with the focus of ensuring that our graduates are quality products that can easily fit into the job market. 

Commitment to Innovation

The Unviersity College has proved to be a leader in innovative approaches to Tertially Institutions in Uganda.  The faculty has also proved a leader in the establishment of specialized masters Programs in  Eastern Ugand. Evidence of this includes the recently launched MIT.

Commitment to Service


Commitment to Student Excellence


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